Date: 3/10/2020

By rembrandt

we were in this large historic house/museum type thing. like really old, probably like 17th century france or something. looked like versailles. i was on a tour of the house, i guess with my class from smash. we were allowed to run up the stars and slide down them. they were build different from modern starts and the carpet was thick. someone pulled an old lever and a dead cat fell from the ceiling. along with loud metal noise, something broke. it was a house but a museum at the same time so things didn’t work like they should. but then later apparently the cat was alive. later the tour had ended and i followed rachel and joy. it was awkward. we ended up at smash, on the big yard. we sat down on the grass. there was somthing to do with william throwing a party, and wanting me to go. then we managed to meet up with our whole old friend group: me, joy, rachel, shelby and maddy. maddy was acting weird she didn’t want people hugging her. shelby was playing a sport and her face was all red and exhausted. then we all sat down at a table near the handball courts. my professor, paul reuther was there seated with a drawing class. we all started to draw/paint. apparently that’s what maddy was there for. i was drawing a bunch of objects, can’t remember what, inanimate. maybe cars/boats. maddy had apparently gone back to smash, and now she was going to graduate next year. i told her i wished i was around at smash when it had a high school, & that i hated samohi.