Weird zombie dream..

Date: 2/19/2017

By Sadistic

Zombie scenario, started off like a normal day, I was playing around with my younger brother and walking, then got yelled at because I was touching a sign post, so we ran inside a church where they were holding a buffet, I left without eating, and went home and then teleported to the mountains where my dad drove us high up and rammed into the side of it to open a hole that had flowing water, I washed myself and walked down to the church to eat, then when we were down there the zombies ate my mom, and while I was trying to run they ate my dad, so I quickly ran to my house and then ran back to the place where my dad rammed the car into the mountain, but I was stopped by my dad where he gave me a shot and a button and told me if I pressed the button I could euthanize myself. I walked past my grandmas dogs who were at my front porch, grabbed my school backpack, jacket, shirt, and pants and walked into the mountains. The end.