August 4th night dreams of PuRe StRaNgE

Date: 8/12/2017

By madnewman13😼

Danielle Cohn the stupid muser that is famous from was at my house. We are 7 months apart but in the dream she seemed like a six year old bc she was as tall as my six year old sister. I laughed at her and made fun of her for being so short. 😂 My grandma, mom, brother, and sister were for some reason trying to cross the Pacific Ocean. I'm not sure why but we were trying to find something to float across on. We found an iceberg with tread mills on it to try to take across. Unfortunately we could not bc the whole ocean froze. I missed the past tumbling classes that I go to with my crush's cousin Meghan and sister Marena. They had come to my Boppy's and grandma's house to show me the new skip we have to learn. While showing me, Meghan's bottoms of her bathing suit she was wearing fell down. I found out that Nate had been texting this mysterious girl named Becky who was crushing on him. "Sorry! But he's taken!" I told her when I met her in a hotel. I was hanging out with a bunch of famous musers from