Minecraft and the ski lodge.

Date: 6/27/2019

By skunksauce

First dream: I was fucking..playing minecraft? I was literally scuba diving in minecraft finding all these weird items that I don't know what they were. jenn was there too? but it was like real life minecraft?? it was weird as fuck idk. edit: I just remembered. this dream turned into something else. I vaguely remember walking past a restaurant in the rainy morning with a group of people in search of something or someone. Edit: dont remembrr if it was this dream or the first one, but I remember one of the worlds I was in had a downfall. You could make anything you wanted by imagining it and having it for free. This caused a lot of chaos, most people just made money and bought fucking everything, a lot of the time we made food. I remember something vaguely sexual happening involving this but its fuzzy. Another edit: I remember at another point, I dyed my hair, but it was head sensitive hair dye? so like i had black and green but the black turned brown in the sun and the green turned like, pink ish? or red? it was weird. I'm starting to think all these edits were another totally seperate dream in the middle of the two. second dream: I was on vacation with Kevin, jenn, my dad, and my brother at some massive resort house thing. it sorta looked like the ski lodge we stayed at in Vermont. I remember greg (jenns dad) was talking to me on a really big hill with jenn overlooking the lodge and he was taking pictures of it talking about how pretty it was. when I was inside, there was a big buffet/bar setup, and my dad was there. I was trying to get food but all they really had were pasta and sausages and hot dogs and shit. it was gross. My mom and little sister were also apparently somewhere in the vacation house because my dad mentioned them. I went into another room with kevin and entered a competition where we judged art. we had to pick which was the best, like what the finalists were. Kevin and I were competing but he lost before me. A girl I went to school with, Kira, was also there, and she told me that the winner got a $20,000 gift card. I was in the top five and then I woke up.