Random dude, Subway, Recycle bin, Old job

Date: 3/31/2017

By jmercier13

ok so there is actually multiple scene from this dream 1- I was around a tall rock with a couple of my family member and a random dude that looked like Jesus from the walking dead. For some reason he was like part of the family and was saying he had to sacrifice himself for some reason ? and we were all begging to not do it saying that we loved him (make no god damn sense) 2- After that I wanted to go back home so I was on foot walking toward the Subway (that's what I use to go back to home) which was somehow between North America and Europe.... and I saw a Subway restaurant so I decided to go buy a feet tall before I go home. no need to describe how to order things at Subway..... 3- suddenly I was somehow in my dad cars with my uncle and my cousins Alexandra driving, after 2 sec of driving she manage to hit a recycle bin and scratch the car, I just decided to bail out and start waking 4- Now I'm at my old job (was bagger in a grocery story) with still the Subway sandwich in my hand and when I got to the cash register one of my old colleague ask me to replace the bread for this customer even though I haven't been working there for a year. I accepted and ran to the bread section and couldn't find the same bread so I just went back and said fuck this , its not my job anymore and my alarm starting ringing in real life which woke me up.