They Wanted My Number

Date: 4/12/2017

By exhailing-bittersweet

I was in my chem class when this tall boy came up to me and started talking to me. He was telling me about how all his friends (who were hot af) wanted my number. So I was like, Woah wtfff, no way! I gave him my number and we started being all flirty. I think I had that dream because of my crush giving me his number haha Next I was with my friend and my aunt called me asking me where I was and what am I doing. She sounded like an interrogator. I told her that I was watching a movie with my friend and she said, “No you're noT ! I just checked Netflix and there's nothing new on recently watched!” So I said calm down, just chill, we're about to watch the movie now. And for some reason I told my aunt to check my homework and that it had today's date on it. Anyways, me and Aless are in an empty movie room that looked really cool, but kind of abandoned. I turn off some of the bright lights and turn on the projector so we can watch a movie.