Cheating Fiancé

Date: 6/3/2017

By QueenKamikazi

It started out with my fiancé and I sitting in a house. We must have lived there or something. My fiancé decides we are going to go to one of his friends houses so he can smoke out. We get in his car and we drive to the friends house. Everything in my dream is vivid and clear. We get inside, and my fiancé tells me to wait upstairs while he goes down to smoke. I remember feeling annoyed I couldn't go with him. The next few parts of my dream I just basically talk to the people upstairs that also live there. Then after awhile I started thinking, "What is taking him so long?" Just before I'm about to go downstairs, my fiancé comes up. Now this is one of the only parts of my dream I don't remember. The part that made me suspect he was cheating. I go downstairs and there are multiple doors to different bedrooms. One of the doors is open and there's a boy about 8-10 years old. Obviously not the room I'm looking for. Then a girl opens her bedroom door. This is another part I don't quite remember. The part that made believe/realize that she was the girl who hooked up with my fiancé. I ask her if I can talk to her. She says, "sure." And invites me in. She sits on her bed, and I sit on it too. (This part of the dream is basically lucid because I remember actually controlling these next few parts. I just don't realize it's a dream.) So I start interrogating her. "How could you?" "How does it feel knowing you ruined an engagement?" "How does it feel to be a whore?" "Who do you think you are?" She shows no signs of regret. No signs of even guilt. So what do I do next? I throat punch her. (Now this next part is weird because it didn't actually happen. It was a daydream within a dream). I basically imagined me getting up and pulling her off the bed by her legs so I can kick her ass. But that didn't actually happen. I did start punching her though. I remember thinking, "how could he cheat on me with HER? She's not attractive at all." Well after all that, I obviously tell my fiancé it's over. He begs me to stay but I won't have it. Then I wake up, go back to sleep, and have a different dream, but it's almost like a continuation of that dream because - My fiancé and I are broken up - I'm pissed at him for cheating This is the third cheating dream I've had of him. Why? It's not my subconscious mind telling me something is it? Is it my insecurities?