Alternate Family Matters

Date: 3/5/2017

By Fitful

I was living in a dank warehouse which was one I dreamed of before. In this one my little brother roomed with me. I was often alone. I ate a lot of corn chips. The whole thing was dark and grungy, a bit miserable really. My parents were preparing for my mother, who looked like and acted like Captain Catherine Janeway, to go back home. Back home was apparently the past, my mother was a time traveler. She had been given a lot of threats, by people from her own time apparently she was a traitor and if she went back they had already injected a metal device into the back of her neck in her past body which would kill her on sight. They weren't pleased with her work since she had come forward in time. But apparently our parents had talked and she was adamant it was the right thing to do. I was upset for different reasons. My brother was about to move out of my own room and upstairs. I was upset because then no one would visit me. I watched him play outside with a little girl with really long white hair. He loved his little life. I knew intellectually I only saw him when he came to his bedroom to sleep, or took a bath in the attached bathroom. He never played here. But for some reason I felt I was losing him. It was as if when he moved upstairs I would never see him again. It never occurred to me I could leave my room. I don't think I could actually. My parents said goodbye and my father went on to work. My mother went to work to announce she was going back to the past. Her job decided it was too dangerous and was discussing with her not her not going back. She felt a little thrilled and guilty with the idea. She left to go see her husband at work and discuss it with him. My father was at work, in an office made of glass, he was designing classic soup can labels. It was a brand new job, it was a good job, high end. My mother snuck into his office and he whispered yelled at her for her to get out. That he was working. She said she had to talk to him about not leaving, he said his boss was persnickety. His boss was John Stamos and chose to walk in right then, called them both ladies. He scolded my father, in a boss is half teasing but really serious way, and said he was cheating on him. My father was quick to say he was almost done, and he knew how his boss liked him(my father) all to himself. His boss just walked out of the room after circling them both with the parting shot he was going to find himself a piece of ass in the mail room instead. Back home I was helping my little brother to the toilet. I put a pile of corn chips on a napkin attached to the inside of the bowl so he had a snack whole he peed. He ate all of them except one which was stuck to the tape. It got covered in pee when he used the toilet. Our parents showed up and my mother announced she wasn't going home. We were all happy. I was happy too, it meant my little brother could stay. My mom picked him up to take him out and I felt a little lonely. Then she found the lease she had entrusted to me ripped a bit and shuffled up and peed on in the bathroom. Apparently my little brother had been careless.