Overwatch and $118

Date: 2/19/2017

By alexwolfycat

I was in Ali's house and he was teaching me how to play overwatch but he wouldn't let me play (probably cuz he knew I'm too good 😎😂) and his dad was downstairs and he was really chill and didn't care we were in Ali's room by ourselves. But then his mom came home and was super strict (she acted like Aunt Alexandra from How To Kill A Mockingbird) his mom made us go downstairs to the living room and wouldn't let us play overwatch or be too close to eachother. The scene changed and there was this old couple who owed my family $118. They gradually stole our money and I told them they better give it back but they didn't believe me when I said the total amount was $118. So I did the calculations on my iPhone calculator and they didn't believe me still cuz I used the iPhone. So I got my graphing calculator for school and i started doing the calculations alll over again. And it was like 1am so I was really tired and I told the old man let me just put my head down for a second. But then I accidentally fell asleep in my dream and when I woke up the old couple were gone. I was like no! They didn't give us our money and we needed it! But right after I said that to my brother, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and the old couple was there and gave us these big hearts made out of roses and they said it cost them $118. I was like WTF U PAID US BACK IN ROSES?? 😂 Then the dream ended. (such frustrating dreams)