Travel Baby

Date: 2/17/2019

By shelbing

I was at some sort of conference and I met these people I liked and got along with very well. We’d planned to do something for dinner and they left my room to go get changed. I guess I’d invited some other people to meet us, cause these people I didn’t really know started showing up at my room. I forgot to mention, there was a baby and I seemed to be responsible for it. Earlier in the dream, I’d been very concerned because it didn’t seem to respond to anything. It didn’t cry or smile or respond to pain. It just sat there, let you carry it around or pass it off to other people. I would say it was about 8 months old. I didn’t like it. So people kept coming to my room, mostly couples. We were waiting for the people I liked to come back so we could go out, but they didn’t come and the people in my room were getting hungry and impatient. I decided to try to call or text my friends, but I couldn’t remember their names. I was searching for them on my phone and couldn’t find them. Some of the people in my room were getting tired and wanted to leave, so I decided to go ahead with the people in my room and try to contact my friends when we got to the restaurant. So we left. I’d given the baby to some other people to watch, and just as this crowd was getting ready to go out, this guy comes in with the baby and says “I think he’s ready”. We were deciding on where to go and everyone thought I was supposed to decide, but I wasn’t that familiar with the area and couldn’t remember the names of restaurants we’d seen earlier in the day. Someone said it was dangerous to go outside the hotel. Seems we were in Syria. I was carrying the unresponsive baby, but I must have handed it to someone else when I ran into Mali and Sean. I was so happy to see them, I hugged them, even though they don’t like being hugged. I was asking them if they knew the names of the other people I was looking for as the other people I was with sort of dissipated into the crowd.