Random School Day

Date: 6/23/2017

By taymay17

I was at school, and it was recess time. I was with my friend and a 1st year, and I had a bunch of coins, which I was counting. The total was $4.50. Then we went back inside the classroom, but the were whiteboards everywhere. our teacher instructed us to go stand next a whiteboard. I still had my coins with me so I placed them on the little bench on the whiteboard. Then, our teacher told us to draw something on the whiteboard. As I went to grab marker, I accidentally knocked all of my coins over onto the floor. But I didn't pick them up, I just continued to go and find a marker. When I came back from getting a marker, a boy in my class who had the whiteboard next to me was scooping up all of my coins. I told the teacher, and she said to me "It doesn't matter, sharing is caring." After that, our teacher told us we had assembly. We all packed our bags to get ready for assembly. For some reason, my schoolbag was a sparkly pink briefcase. Once we finished packing our bags we went to the basketball court for assembly, (but its usually held in the hall or the courtyard, in real life). Once we got to assembly, it seemed like everybody had disappeared exept myself, and my friend and the Year 1 from recess. My friend and I sat down on the court and and the year 1 just started running and dancing around us. I opened my pink briefcase and there were random things in there, such as many bottle of perfume. I said to my friend "I want a new bag." and she replied "Why?" and I said to her, "Because is pink." and my friend just said. "True." That is the most I could remember. The dream was kind of blurred so I couldn't write much.