She Wore Green

Date: 8/24/2017

By LadyLuna321

I've had some dreams since my last update, but this was special. I did acid yesterday, and this was the first dream I had had since. It was... beautiful. For the first time in a long time I was out, and happy. It was a nap dream, so it was short. I was in an apartment and a super cute girl with a Bobb haircut lived next-door. She was tan with brown hair, dhe was in grey sweats and a green T-shirt. It was her day off. She knocked on my door because she needed help with a task, I believe a shelf, and wanted my help. I say believe because I went over and I did more than the shelf. I helped her clean up, talked to her roomate, prepare her place for a party later. When I finished she sat down on the couch, her roomate on the arm of it eating cereal watchinf TV. I sat beside her. She said "I haven't really got a way to pay you," understandable since we were a poor complex, "would you be paid in sex?" I felt something sharp, a distinct mixture or very real desire and pain. She snuggled close and she notices my response. I gave a sort of sad, defeated "Not... paid." Then I sort of cover myself instinctively. She then runs her hand up my inner thigh and says "Fine, no payment. Let's just have sex." I truly believe any other me would have said No but I kissed her. I kissed her right then and we moved to the bedroom. I hadn't noticed it was snowing before then but I did there, and it was... Amazing. It was positive and an affirming moment. I loved this dream.