FFXV fight/chase

Date: 5/15/2017

By MercurialNight

We were in this weird area with rooms and blocks and platforms like a portal room kinda but less detailed. Gladio, Ignis, Noct, and Iris were there but no Prompto?? Maybe I was Prompto. We were all in a hide/chase/fight situation with some huge villain we had to beat. A lot of the time Iris would morph into someone else, a blonde, maybe Luna. Or maybe Luna Lovegood? The clearest memory is of Noct carrying her into a room to hide from the guy (he had been struck with the guys crippling status ailment and could only move around, while Luna/Iris was wounded and unconscious). While big baddie was busy looking for them, I ambushed him but I saw myself in 3rd person and I'm pretty sure I looked like Prompto. Anyway I slit his throat and we won. That stat attack would target anyone who was following the boss too close behind and debilitate them with ailments as well as take some hp. It was brutal. So broken. Also... haunted walk-in cooler at work?