teen wolf (+tvd)

Date: 4/7/2017

By abnormal

I'm watching Lexi and Stefan videos on YouTube and I look at the comments and someone commented that she should be the Enzo since she faught for him (and I think kissed him) when he was in Stefan's body idek anyways Stefan's going on a "run boy" and suddenly we're in the 80s or something bc my dream just shifts into black and white but the characters still look the same and Lexi makes fun of him, repeating that he's gonna be a run boy, btw I have no idea what that is and the second they leave that room in their bikes, everything turns into teen wolf. Stiles is running so fast and Lydia says no normal person runs this fast (he's running at 20, I also have no idea what that is or what the unit of speed is) Kira tells him about how the person he had killed had already killed 3 people and was going to kill her so he shouldn't feel bad and Scott follows him, they all do, including me (I don't remember which character I was tbh) until we reach this tiny cubic place it's open and has an umbrella above it all and below us is the sea but the distance between us and the sea is NOT little. Stiles was sitting on that place and Scott goes first and talks to him and comforts him with actual facts tbh and tells him that he needs a vacation to get his mind straight and then Kira sits next to him and also comforts him and she's so cute and I think Allison was alive idk it doesn't make sense for the storyline but I have a feeling she was and then i come and I'm standing on the opposite side of Scott. The last person of the group (malia?) is not on the box she's on the line that leads you to it and the box starts tilting to one side so I stand on the edge thing and I hold onto the rope up and Scott on the other side and somehow the thing starts tilting again to one side so Kira and Stiles jump and they're laughing and then Scott jumps so I'm like hell, I'll jump then and we're all so cute and happy in the water.