Digital art, In a strange dream, a person finds themselves in a house with carpeted floors and a sudden presence of roaches, triggering their phobia, only to be confronted by a bizarre and unsettling encounter involving SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick in an explicit and uncomfortable situation.

wtf dream of absolute random fuckery

Date: 10/3/2016

By Doodoo

Ok so this is by far the weirdest dream i have had in the history of my 21 years of life. So i was in a house. There was carpet on the floor and i could see some roaches scattering. Now i have a phobia of roaches so in the dream i was freaking out and telling my brother to kill them for me. Well he didnt, and i could see 3 roaches on the far side of the room by a couch. They were scaring the crap out of me just by being there. Well all of a sudden spongebob showed up. He had his pants pulled down and was jacking off in front of me and patrick. He was saying stuff in a manly voice but i forgot what it was. Then all of a sudden his penis grew into a ginormous size, it was all veiny and everything. I was terrified cos i thought he might rape me or something. So i got up to hide but patrick didnt leave. Instead he said "i dont care if he has sex with me" and then poof, he was inside of the sofa. So spongebob was like hell yeah and walked towards the sofa, opened the zipper, and got inside of it too. Then i could hear them moaning and could see the outline of their bodies through the sofa as spongebob literally fucked patrick in the butt. Then i woke up thinking what the actual fuck did i just dream.