Butterfly In The Supermarket

Date: 6/15/2019

By meeuhduh

In a grocery store I was sitting on a bench in a large aisle I looked up and saw a huge butterfly that was beautiful. It was a light gold white on the wings on the outer parts then towards the parts closer to it's body it was rainbow and prismatic. It was caught in a spiderweb on the ceiling. The web was so large it covered the butterfly but it twisted itself into a summersault flip maneuver that just covered the other side of it's wings. I felt sad and slightly helpless just watching this beautiful thing wrapping itself in a web and a spider was just going to drink it to death But I watched and butterfly did another summersault a couple more times and I was more sad because it was just wrapping itself tighter and thicker in this web then it fuckin broke off the connection to the ceiling and it flew to this lady's head. I was scared that she was going to kill it and I wanted to get the web off the lady was really calm and nice and she was trying to help too apparently she was watching too We couldn't get the web off the light gold white parts of the wings then this guy who looked like Evan Peters started helping and the butterfly got loose except only the rainbow prismatic parts of the wings could be saved the other parts were too glued to the spiderweb but it flew up and it flew around us still really beautiful. It felt like watching a miracle I started to tear get emotional in the dream. I accidentally woke up when I was looking for my phone in the dream to take a picture. I haven't been having super clear dreams lately but I knew I had to save this one.