Jan & Kaye

Date: 4/13/2017


Kaye Shelle here was my girlfriend and Jan was just an elementary friend. We were in a reunion. In the midst of the party i went outside to smoke, Jan followed. And asked me to have sex with her. After the party, Kaye seduced me and told me she's very horny and she wanted to make love to me that night. But i already said yes to Jan and then turned her down in a sweet way. I promised to make it up to her. But Jan went home first to change, i went with her. They live in SM MALL 24 hrs. They own a gun shop and i think her relatives are drug traders. I felt uneasy but i made a promise. So i put on my strap-on to get things done between us in no time. but then when i entered her room.... It's not just her room... It's the room of everyone in the family. And she planned to have sex with me in that room... So i low key backed out and just sat on the customers table asking her mom where are guns usually sold in cebu..