Mystery Boy

Date: 7/10/2019

By AngelDreams

I was in a nicely decorated living room. It had a white sofa, with grey, blue, and green pillows and, had a pink throw blanket. I was standing and the room was making me feel dizzy so I sat down on the sofa. Suddenly a picture kinda like a profile picture appeared. It was round and the living room became blurry. The picture in the profile bubble thing, was a teenage boy with dyed red hair. He had blue/green eyes and had pale skin. I don’t know why but in my dream I had a crush on him. So he looked maybe 14/15 so 8th or 9th grade while in real life I’m 12 years old so it was kinda weird. I think in the dream I was older around the same age as the boy. So profile pictures are not pictures of people moving the picture is set in place kinda like if you have a Live Photo where if you hold on a photo it makes the photo move kinda like a three second video. But it was like this red haired boy was FaceTiming me or something. Because he said “hi” and then winked at me. It was so weird but in the dream I liked him and I knew him or something. So for some reason I figured out his name either my dream just picked a random name or what but his name was: either Logan or Drake. So after he winked and said “hi” I kinda got thrown into a “lucid dream”. And I realized I was dreaming and within a second I woke up and decided to stay awake (it was like 9:30 am) P.S this dream happened a few days ago since I don’t remember any I’ve had for the past few days.