Date: 4/30/2017

By Megarnodavinci

Okay So I don't remember much but I do remember being a circle with other people in like a kinda cave in the field. And we were all scared shitless as we had to play these games and if we got them wrong it would kill the other person. There was one with a cushion and this boy had to guess about a superhero he liked. But I accidentally slipped and my hand showed the answer and he got killed. He got sliced into like 20 slices. U also had to sit how you think your age would sit. Someone sat wrong and the witch cut her throat. We were then picked to choose a partner. If you won then she wouldn't pick you again till someone else won. It was Michaels turn and she told him to pick someone. He choose me. I looked up at him and wiped my tears as I had just killed someone. And I was so afraid of killing him. We got up and suddenly we had these electrifeyers on our upper thighs. And the witch said "Your lucky we aren't using electrifying vests as they can tear you in half." And I freaked out and ran up to the witch like "please don't electrify us! Please." And she cursed at me and went to push me away when I went. "Wow." And she went "what?" And I said to her "your actually really pretty." and she paused for a sec. and I moved forward on her and ran my hands through her hair. And she went "no! Your just saying that to get out of the game!" And then I said "no really. I wouldn't lie about something as important as that." And then I found a drawing on the floor and said "look. I could say this attractive drawing because you drawed it but it's not. I mean it's nice. But the person who drawed it is actually really pretty. And she blushed and said thank you. And then I smiled and said "no problem." I looked back at Michael he was confused because I was smiling. But I knew so I went back to the position of the game. And then she looked me in the eyes and I smiled lightly ready for the pain. And she then went "no. I'm sorry I can't do it." And I walked up to her put my hand on her shoulder and said "hey it's okay. You don't have to hurt anyone anymore." And she burst out crying into my shoulder and I looked at Michael and he smiled and I wanted to hug him too but I stuck with the witch.