Jumping into a watering hole & taking pics of dogs.

Date: 3/9/2019

By desertdreamer

I knew my mother was busy, so I took it upon myself to find a way to get to school despite her offering. Each day I would call up a friend to bring me, and on the second or third day before classes, we decided to hit up a waterfall. I jumped in from the top of the waterfall into the watering hole, and snuck up behind one of my friends and hugged him. We were all chatting and joking around when moments later, the boys at the top of the waterfall were about to make their way down. Nick jumped down, and being around 6’4, made quite the splash. Around this time, I made plans with my friend Tyler and his little brother to hangout later that night, but more on that later. Later on, nick was showing us a video he took of himself jumping down, but when I looked at the phone, I could see the video through his eyes when he was in it. Basically, I lived his experience. It was exhilarating. After class, I went to London take some photos for Instagram, and stumbled upon this cute little cafe and there was a bunch of dogs and their owners in there. A little girl comes out and I take a photo of her dog, then a woman comes out with a big black dog with the coolest haircut I’ve ever seen. He looked like a video game character, and there was angular tribal patterns shaved into his fur. I tried to take his photo, and the owner attempted to calm him and keep him still and looking at the camera, but he bolted. The little girl, the woman with the patterned dog, and I chased the dog down the street. I was still trying to get that photo whereas they were trying to catch him. By now, it was starting to get dark, and I stopped to check my phone. My mom asked me where I was, and was like: “you have to come home! You can’t stay out all night. Where are you?” I told her I was just out taking photos in London, then I realized I had forgotten about my plans with Tyler and I had that “oh shit!” moment. They were waiting in front of my house for me to come out, and I was in another country. I opened my map to see where exactly I was, then thought about the area I wanted to go hard. I teleported somewhere close to my house, and woke up shortly after.