Catch a Falling Star

Date: 8/12/2019

By meeshell

I was standing outside at night somewhere that felt like the yard of my parents' house with a few other people, looking up at the sky. I saw a meteorite falling above us, and as it got closer to the ground, I reached out and caught the meteorite in my hand! It felt hot, but not hot enough to burn me. I was amazed and surprised that I was actually able to catch it in my hand. I thought that it must have been a rare occurrence or something that never happened before. But then I saw another meteorite falling, reached out, and caught that one too! It seemed almost magical that this happened, and it made me feel a childlike joy. I looked down at the meteorites in my hands, and saw that they were both a light color, almost white, with a smooth surface and about the size of a golf ball but each in a different odd shape. There were some darker marks on them from being burned as they were falling through the atmosphere.