Quiet place x king of the hill x bird box

Date: 5/18/2019

By bangtangishboys

*my actual family was in it in our actual house *there was a bunch of white powder outside and t made zombies like 28 days later zombies *you had to put the powder on yourself and then the zombies ignored you *you started to turn very very paper pale once the zombies got you or the powder got you *smallest sister was the first to pass, forgot why *my parents let in a dog to test if the animals were safe and then theu both turned to zombies *me and middle sister were left *I started crying because it was sad bc even the the whole family was gone, the world didn't die or freeze when they did. the world just continued to suffer *eventually these people came like in bird box but we also had to be quiet like from zombies like in a quiet place. *somehow, Peggy hill showed up in my dream and then I was Bobby and she tapped her head and told me to go to the beamer truck and sit in there until it was all over *I assume she died but idk because then I woke up