Puppies in the shower

Date: 8/1/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I'm in a locker room, and there's one other person in there. Somehow I know I'm at my job from hell from a few years ago (though it looks nothing like it or anything). I'm trying to take a shower, but the water won't turn on. The other person is telling me that it's our crappy boss who not only is the one who has locked us in here, but has turned off the water because it costs too much. I'm screaming at her, knowing she can hear us, telling her to turn on the freaking water. I eventually guilt her enough that she turns it on long enough for me to take a shower. Then there is an entirely different group of people in there, and there's a momma beagle ready to give birth. The other people have her standing in one of the tubs. She starts having the pups, and they are these massively ugly bulldogish bloodhound things--idk, whatever those SUPER wrinkly ones are. I find it strange that they don't look like their mother whatsoever. There's a young girl in there too, and for whatever reason she really hates us. Out of nowhere she pulls out a gun, saying she has to get out. One of the dudes tackles her (I was watching from his point of view) and chaos ensues. Eventually she gets taken care of, and then I'm sorting paper collars for all the puppies, saying we need to think of names for them all. I tell the guy who tackled the little girl that he gets first pick because of what he did. He chooses a pup (a girl one) and says he wants it to be named Luke. "That's your name, Luke" I say. "I know, it's an awesome name right!" He answers. "Fine." I kept trying to write down the name on the collar, but I'd always screw up a letter, or the handwriting would be horrid, or the marker would bleed through the whole paper. It was very irritating.