Date: 8/7/2017

By chilipeppa

dad and i were flying around on these blue hover boards through the countryside. we were zooming around looking for something and past a monastery and i asked if i could check it out, but he said no and that we needed to hurry, so we turned around and went sooo fast it was so fun omg. we went along this super green hillside above this windy road and eventually got out over the water where mom and guy were in a boat i think? Idk but i landed in the water on the hover board and it started to sink and all of a sudden it fit in my hand and they were mad but i caught it. next thing i know I'm at this concert. It's some band that I only know like 2 songs from? but i was jammin and some other shit definitely happened but anyway, i found myself in this guy's apartment, and he was having a threesome with one girl and another guy, but he wasn't paying attention to the girl at all, he chopped off the tip of the guy's dick and was fucking him up the urethra?? and i literally thought nothing of it in the moment lmao?? but anyway i think the guy ended up fucking me too because the next day, i went to school, and was eating lunch (except the dining hall was Whisconier middle school's lunchroom instead) when the "nurse" called me rup and told me I had to get tested for this crazy std I've never heard of ... so I shook to say the least. Then this guy asked me if I wanted to change my schedule next year so I could study cinematography instead of journalism and I was like yesssss and that was the end.