Date: 7/18/2019

By dreakee

It was late at night and everyone in my family was asleep. I either got texted or maybe someone just knocked on my window but then I saw Matthew. I let him in and we started making out on my bed? I hugged him and he left. Later that night, Justin called me. He noticed that something was off with me and he asked me if I cheated on him. I stayed quiet and he started to get mad. I didn’t know how to tell him that it wasn’t that bad that all we did was kiss but he started making up all these other things. He was a fragile boy that had a really tough past and I didn’t want him to do anything bad because he said if this relationship didn’t work out...and then I woke up. I went back to sleep and it was 7am in the morning in the dream. I drove myself to college and I walked in as they called my name. I screamed “here” as the teacher looked at me, annoyed that I was late. I looked on the board where I saw my name next to a desk number and I found my seat. We had to get up and line up next to each other. I saw Matthew and I followed what he did. I think the first exercise was spraying something that slowly changed our pH. From all of the spraying going on, it strained my neck. The next exercise we had to tie noose-like objects around our necks that had weights and were attached to doors. Our necks definitely hurt after that one. I looked over into another classroom as this exercise went on for seven minutes and I saw Tiana and Carson. Carson gave me a weird look and continued taking notes. Everyone else including Matthew had already taken their weight off the table but people were trying to open the door where I was. I barely made it out alive and I put my weight back in the box. Everyone else’s was tied nicely but I couldn’t tie mine. Flynn tried to show me how but I told her I had to eat lunch. As I left, someone said they were buying lunch for everyone, but I left. I walked down the halls and then wondered why I was at a high school when I was in college. I saw Carson here and he’s a Junior in High School.