D.C. legends dream

Date: 7/13/2017

By MickRory12

It started when I was in a house. I looked around and noticed someone was with me. Then the person dragged me outside with two other people. She had a gun in her hand apparently she was going to kill us. I look around and I see Mick Rory, Rip Hunter, Jefferson Jackson, Ray Palmer , and the other legends in the crowd. Their was a big crowd. Then I smirked. I don't even know why then I grabbed the gun from the woman's hand and shot her. Then I appeared in another room. So This guy sent his snake at night to kill all of the legends. By this point I am a legend. The snake had venom and was aiming for Rip. I hid but it found me. I tried to run but it but my hand and foot before feeling my a horrible pain. I ran all the way up the stairs. Yelling "Mick I Love You." Then I opened my eyes and I was standing up I think in the infirmary in the wave rider. Anyway The people bitten were me and Rip. Then all of a sudden I view was at a computer. I was watching my favorite reactors FandomReactions. Reacting to A episode of D.C. legends. Well a fake episode. It was the my dream. I was in it. Then I saw Mick leave the room. That's when I woke up.