Egyptian Princess part 3 and I swear I saw a werewolf

Date: 1/25/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

I wake up in a my master bed room which is part of a huge wing in the Palace. My husband is still asleep in the bed with me and I turn over and face him and I move a hair out of his face and catches my hand and kisses it than he pulls me in for a deep kiss and we are both naked. I feel his strong hard body against my small fragile soft body. I hold him close to me and smile you know we have to get up soon and get ready for work soon "you are a General for my Father and I am the Princess once he dies you will be the Ruler of Lower and upper Egypt will be our" kisses you deeply and I roll over and get off of my bed as I get up " I'm going to get something to eat" I get up and I look in the mirror and my eyes go red then it disappears. I and fall to the ground and hold my stomach. My husband gets up and walks over tonneau and holds me close "honey what's wrong? Are you okay?" I nod "I'm fine I just need to lay down again can you get me some food for me than? " he picks me up and puts me on the bed and kisses my stomach " he says I hope you have children soon " and gets dress and heads to the kitchen and gets me some food. When he comes back he gets me some grapes and some wine 🍷 I like the white wine the Moscato I smile as take a sip of the wine and smile thank you Honey. Once I get up and get dressed I go over and wake up Aero who is still asleep in his bed which is near my bed. My husbands gets ready for duty for his General duties. I feed Aero his milk than I feed him some meat than he in the mood the play for read and do some work than for the rest for the day I play and play with Aero than I saw a shadow of something of what I don't know but I don't know what. Later that night sitting at the dinner table I hear a howl and I look around " what was that?" Aero stops play hisses And I pick him up "it's okay Aero" I calm him down " father what was that?" He looks at me and smiles " oh sweet daughter it was nothing but a dog now finish your dinner " I do as I am told And finish than I pick Aero back up and head tinny room my husband will follow me in out quarters later Than I lay down on my bed " servant please get some blood" he nods and comes backs later with a cup full of blood. And once I drink it, I strip down to nothing and lay down under my covers and tries get Aero to go to sleep. "Aero go to sleep now please" than I roll over and fall asleep.