Arcade Girl

Date: 3/10/2017


I'm in an arcade. There is super cute girl with red hair ( not a ginger) that looks like the gravity falls girl. She's so cute and I flirt with her. Then a girl named Francesca and her butch friend come in and are taunting and threatening her and me. It ends up in a fight with razors. She comes at me and I protect my girl. I try to steal one of her razors to fight. I stop coming to the arcade for a while. I get a job as a teacher's assistant. A kid marks on one of my favorite shirts. I mark him back and then I body slam him. The cameras catch me so I have to quit before I get fired. Then I travel back to my arcade girl. I have to take a pee and I get on a cliff and take a pee and become lucid for just a moment. Then the dream ends.