Living Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Date: 5/24/2017

By Fitful

I was dreaming I was going to a school, a university maybe, but it was inside a church building, one of those older grand ones with the stained glass and the stone like a castle. It might have been built off the church or around it. But the effect was the school was haunted, ghosts fluttered and filled the air and moved things and swayed up against you and you were always inundated with their magick and presence. Several times I recieved a notice at the end of the day, after everyone had gone home but the photographer doing a shoot with two models and a professor. The notice was informing me my funding had been cut off, but I managed to fix it the first time with a few signatures. The professor, who was often female but just as often male, would write me a note and leave it on a notice board to come see her and get the thing taken care of. The photographer was taking these beautiful art photos of two or three people, students, and the effect was amazing. He directed the whole thing with ease, having the main girl kiss the girl here, or the guy there. And they sat still, and tragic, as if for the cover of some emo album. It was all shadows and art and emotion in the photos. He was actually taking a catalog of the clothes they had gotten in, a huge shipment of amazing clothes, designed beautifully and ready to be sold on their website. One day, after I had again recieved a notice to see the professor and I missed him - like I said the same professor but changing gender- I was there late one night and changed into some the designer clothes. I put on a beautiful dress, but it didn't fit or look good when on. The professor actually showed up then, or maybe it was another night, and he was drinking beer, said he wasn't drunk at all, and had two more in his hands unopened. He offered me one and I hesitatently agreed. We went into a classroom which over looked the parking lot and he drank and talked to me, although I was too shy to drink much. He was very upset over something and not making much sense. I think he was hitting on me because he said I looked so good in the clothes, he had seen me changing. Finally he left and I was relieved. It might have been the same night or another, and I was in that same room with a bunch of friends, who were streaming live on a laptop. It was a project we had all worked on together and was actually going well and might prove lucrative in the long run. But the professor, drunk and mad, stood outside the school screaming at me, unintelligible. We all turned off the light so as he couldn't see us and since this happened while streaming live a friend told me to "tell them what's going on right now." I said my ex girlfriend was drunk and had showed up at the school because she was afraid I was fucking a new girl in this classroom. And of course it was true, somehow the professor was my ex girlfriend. Gender shift again. And it was almost laughable, in an incredulous way, that it was happening, especially since I was decidedly not fucking anyone. And then he got so drunk and mad he started taking his clothes off, and laying about on the grounds outside naked and wailing. It was alarming and I felt creeped out he was this into me when I wasn't interested in men. Since we were streaming in the dark to made for a nice effect on the video tho. Later I was on the internet buying a 'yore lamp.' It was a lamp based on the "sages of yore".