Slushy snow

Date: 5/4/2017

By mishakuca

In my other dream earlier, k snap chatted me. This dream I was in class and matt was consistently trying to sit by me. Then I was at home after school and I was checking my sc and hoped k sc but he didn't. He posted a lot of pictures of his outfit he was goin to wear next to toothpaste, shampoo and coconut milk. I figured he was going to hangout with his gf but he took an excessive amount of pictures. Then Jacobs friend came over and me and Amiee were like woah, we haven't seen this guy for a while so we were a bit nervous. But they weren't coming inside for a while. I wEnt outside and there was slushy snow everywhere and I was outraged. Then Jacob and his friend were throwing our bikes and stuff near the house so they wouldn't get ruined and Jacob threw Emilys electric scooter and I caught it with one hand and Jacob was weirded out.