Strange Colonial Ranch

Date: 7/29/2017

By StarryStaples

So, I lived on toys colonial...plantation? It was kind of present day but almost had a Spring Awakening feel to it. A bunch of my theatre friends were there later in the dream. I remember walking around the grounds. There was this boy, much like Melchior. In the dream, I think we were friends and he wanted to help me. Now that I'm awake, I think he was a ghost. There was one large house, the main house. It was like a tourist attraction, I think. I lived in one of several small houses built more recently. There were new ones being built. I was walking around the giant dirt piles and noticed a small velvet bag on a large pile of dirt. I ran up and collected it, then noticed another, and another. I went about collecting them since they had jewellery or something like it inside. I noticed a tarp on top of the pile and knew that I should keep it there. The wind blew it off after a few minutes, though, and I caught a glimpse of what I almost already knew was inside. I saw the feet of confederate soldiers. They might've been unearthed during the construction, but it also just seemed like a mass grave... and they were pretty fresh. The timeline of this dream is screwy. So I had this moral I keep picking these up even though they probably belong to dead men, or put them back? Melchior appeared again and talked to me again, and we ended up in the house. There was a tour group going and they were my theatre friends. Caleb had found this MASSIVE bathtub. It was at least four times larger than a standard tub. It was beautiful, too. Apparently, he and his friend had gotten to take a bath in it. The dream pretty much ended with the bathtub discussion. Looking at the dream now and taking into account my long skirts in the dream, I think I might've been a ghost too.