Cant trust anyone

Date: 9/3/2019

By thatrdmguy213

I got to school one day and right after I had to go to work I met this really cute girl names Stacy but she turned me down when I asked her out. I went to clean the bathrooms at work after work and there were a couple of people having sex in one of the stalls. Being the person that I am I left them be. I went back to do my homework and there was another really cute girl and this time she asked me out so of course I said yes. Her and I went upstairs and were talking and then she started stripping and I was freaking out because there was a naked girl in front of me that wnted to have sex. (Were both 17) So by the pressure I took off am my cloths as well. We started having sex and when we finished she pulled out her phone from somewhere I have no idea where, and she took a picture of us naked together. She told me "I'm gonna send this to my boyfriend" and in my head I was going "I dont give a fuck" but I actualy responded by breaking her phone and I left. Morale? Dont trust anyone unless you know that they are the one for you