Date: 2/6/2019

By itspecon

My dream was that my irl friends were on a school campus except of the other kids had gone insane. We were all trapped in like a big gymnasium room, and every so often they would try to get in. However, they had like this liquid that would burn your flesh very easily if it came in contact with the liquid. Eventually I fell in love with someone, but that was when we started planning our attack against the enemy. I had gotten burns all along my left arm, but I hadn't died yet. We launch our final attack and a LOT of people died, but I was pushed back into this hole in the ground. Somehow I had managed to get a hold of this really cool sword, So I was stabbing the enemies that came near. However a lot of them suddenly came in and a grate appeared above the hole so I pushed it over the hole to protect me. I just kept stabbing my sword through the holes in the grate and eventually fell unconscious. When I woke up, there was a huge pile of bodies on top of the grate that I had to push out of the way, and when I finally did open the grate and stepped out of the hole, I learned that the enemy was defeated, but some of my friends died. I also learned that my right arm was completely covered in burn marks, and then I started screaming. Then I woke up