Canoe in a Mangrove and Mixed Rooming

Date: 4/10/2017

By Cj

Haley B. and Jess from high school and I were in a boat on the sea. We ended up landing our canoe in a mangrove and walking around in it. Jess walked past a large, rusty pipe sticking out of the water through a path of trees to a bay, and I hesitantly determined to follow. She saw something bad in there, something that could follow us, and we all hurried back to our canoe and pushed out onto the sea again. I was walking in my room and my mom called; she told me over the phone that she knew Eli had an interest in me and was trying to ask me to a date when I quickly shut him down during a project we were working on as a group in a warehouse earlier. I first denied it though I knew her to be right, and I struggled to keep supressing my feelings for him, thinking that he wasn't right for me and having convinced myself that I could spend my time with someone better matched with me. In my room there were two bunks; one for the girls who lived in the room and one for the boys. I and two boys occupied the room (I have no female roomate irl), but it was night and I was the only one there. I saw that my door was unlocked, which put an uneasy feeling in my gut as right before I lay down to sleep last night I looked at my door in the dark, remembered locking it, and decided to put trust in that memory as to not encourage obsessive compulsive behavior. I climbed across my bed and into Eli's bed, deciding to sleep there until he returned, hoping he would join me. (It didn't feel as forward as it sounds as sleeping with people is standard for me, and I've slept with other people when Eli's been in the room before.)