Date: 6/20/2017

By candibars2018

I remember it starting with me getting a notification that my uber was here , as I was locking the door ( I was probably just gonna wait outside for it). When I got in , everything seem normal , the uber driver (a white middle aged man) was very nice , asked the normal questions and made NORMAL conversation. All of the sudden the mood and the air just kind of ..... shifted. I'm not really sure when or where but the next thing I know two men (also white , and middle aged) got into the car with us (one got in the front , the shorter one sat next to me). I just remember how fear just took over me like tingles , starting From the top of my scalp to the tips of my toes. When they got in the uber driver looked back at me and the one feature I remember about him was that his eyes were beautiful. They were the kind of eyes you don't ever forget. They were more blue than green but still had their greenish Hughes here and there. His eyes were GLOWING. When he looked back at me , he had this sinister smile on his face , like I didn't have a clue of what I had just gotten myself into . We all in the car , them over come with joy (probably Over how easy it was from them to catch their victim) and me frightened and hating myself for sneaking out ( Not sure who I was trying to meet). This is where my dream gets weird again. Somewhere along the ride Mia gets in the car with me , and she was in good spirits , like she didn't see the monsters I was in the car with. During the ride she asks me "are you Glad I'm here ? We're you nervous ?" And I admitted that I had been to both. She was on her phone the whole time , just kinda enjoying the ride. I was trying to get my SafeTrek app to work ( of course my phone kept turning off though). Once we got there I can't remember what the outside looked like. I'm not sure if it was a house or an apartment or even a warehouse. I remember exactly what the room looked like though. It was a small barren childlike bedroom with a small bed (twin sized) on the right side of the room , with only a dresser and a door going into another room ( meaning it had two doors). The driver and the one that sat next time him went into the room that was connected to the one I was in, while the smaller one stayed in the room with me and Mia. I could hear a tv playing from the next room. The man in the room with us was shorter not fat but not muscular either like the other two. He had dark hair and very generic features. I remember he kept staring at me like he hated me. it made my skin crawl. Finally the small creepy man got up and approached me (like I had predicted he would) and got close to me and said some things to me , I can't remember what but I remember getting uncomfortable and nervous. He then started to touch me and made me unzip his pants. By this time he was out of breathe and was panting. When I saw his penis I felt disgusted, it was a very limp mircopenis , that I wanted nowhere near me. He then demanded that i suck his dick , and even grabbed my head and held me down so that it was right in my face. I eventually give in feeling extremely defeated. All I did was licked it and he groaned and cum shot out onto my shirt , then and there if I could have run I would have. He screamed at me to keep going and so I did , Fearing he would call the others in and they would get the same idea. As I was sucking I tasted something really sour and knew it was over with. Some extremely weird happened when I was finished , Mia had vanished and two black girls my age appeared along with two other beds and they were both sitting there just as terrified as I was. Something else that was weird was that the man had shrunk to a doll size , he looked the size of a woody doll from toy story. Taking advantage of this I threw him at the wall and kept throwing him around the room until he wouldn't get up anymore. In my mind he was dead and me and the other girls cheered. We then plotted to have the two other girls fuck the two guys in the front to distract them and I would kill them. I woke up after the plan was done.