Date: 8/24/2017

By Sakurabanana

I don't have too many dreams, but when I do I look into them. So I found this creepy house and, like the stupid person I was, entered the house. It was so weird! Like torn pictures and ripped furniture, kinda as if a family of raccoons lived there. But at the same time, there was not a trace of life in the house! So I look through the house and I find a small, rectangular, wooden button. With no thought or hesitation, I press it. About 30 seconds afterwards a few boards on the opposite side of the house were pushed away revealing a new room. The room was an absolute pigsty and when I went into the room I found none other than what appears to be a little girl with a set of horns. She stood straight and stiff, before questioning why I was in the house. I tried justifying, but I think we both knew I just came there out of curiosity. I quickly apologized for trespassing, and for some reason asked If I could clean the room for her as an apology. More surprisingly, she accepted the offer. (Now that I think about it, I should have just fled, but hey, a dream is a dream, and dream logic overcomes any logic.) So anyways, I start cleaning up the room, and somehow striked up a conversation. Apparently the little girl's name was Charles, and she wanted to be good. Unfortunately the other... underworldly spirits...didn't take that idea too kindly, and she was banished to the overworld. My first thought about all of this was that she was just telling one major bluff, but after some quick thought I decided I should trust her. So I tell her that I've had a few quarrels with some demons, and she suddenly became very interested. She asked for names, I gave names. She then told me I was in danger. That one of the spirits would be set out to possess and kill me. I can't remember any more. I might have just woken up, or maybe something else. Just after this dream I was thinking if demons could be good. She seemed nice enough, but I don't know, it's probably too good to be true.