Lake and Library

Date: 3/30/2017

By RinTheMood

Myself and my family and some friends were going swimming at a shallow lake owned by another friend. The water was very warm, but for some reason I hesitated until night, and then I was too afraid even though it was only a few feet deep. I'd kept putting on sparkly purple-red nail polish with an eye dropper (???). At some point I decided I needed to go back to the city for something. I spent the day fussing around a huge building with multiple stores and a library on top. To get to the library you could put your items through a small teleportation screen (I had a bag and several jackets), and then the "elevator" was really a one-person roller coaster-like harness that carried you around the building a few times before you got to the library. After that, I spent several minutes looking for my things around a computer lab before finding them on the floor below. Somewhere in the middle of all this, I found out that the huge building had a small pet shop with birds. I demonstrated to some men that birds can bite, by allowing myself to be bitten by five budgies at once. I also went back to my old workplace (a PetSmart) and found the place much changed. The fish wall was split up and they only sold goldfish and koi. I wanted to get a toy for my cat, but couldn't find one. Back to the library (I might be smashing two dreams together, but I'm not sure) I decided I wanted to bring my girlfriend back to the lake with me. I started out thinking we could use a GPS to teleport, but wound up asking Goku from Dragon Ball Z (!!!) to use instant transmission to get us there. Once there, we found out that an upset fairy had stolen the water in the lake. Everyone was formulating a plan to get it back, but that's when I woke up.