Date: 1/31/2017

By emilyassoulin

I am driving on a highway trying to get home but i am lost. I stop at a house to ask for directions. This house is in the middle of nowhere and is on a farm. I am now inside the house for some reason. Everything is dark. I enter a room and try to turn on the light but it doesn't work. I then see a little boy in the room with me. Watch out for the man he says. What man? The man in the dark. I see a shadowy figure on the wall and i start to panic. I leave the room. I am now in a dark hallway. I look for an exit or a door so i can get out of this house, but there isn't one. I just keep exiting a room and entering another. Exiting again and now im in the hallway. A hallway with no stairs at the end just doors to different rooms. Now i am standing by a car asking three women for directions. These women live in the house. I have a polaroid around my neck and as i try to leave one of the women grabs it and says take a picture of us. I pull away telling them that i got to get home. I quickly get in my car and fumble for my keys which are in my pocked. One of the women comes over to the passengers side window and starts beating on it with her fist. The glass starts to shatter. I drive away..