meditating in my dream

Date: 2/10/2017

By oscinian

I'm at the library at school opposite the wall I usually sit at (also the place where I've done two meditation sessions before). The carpet, walls and ceiling are a cerulean blue. The crowds of students are very brightly colored abstract blurs moving left and right across my field of view. My gaze is stationary and unchanging. Opposite me is a young man [early 20s] in a robe that looks like buddha when he was a prince. He is sitting in a standard meditation pose, palms facing upwards, in the chair I sat in a day ago. He's chanting mantras in an unknown language to me. I'm already in the meditation pose I usually take (legs straight with no overlap-less distracting tactile feedback that way), so I start joining his chants. Since I can't understand what he's saying or will say next, my words come out in a hesitant jumble and I stop the attempt after a few seconds. I start chanting a simple long ohm using the same tone that buddha is using. I focus solely on the length of his chants, as he pauses to take breaths between each new mantra. I try to sync my breath with his as much as possible. The feeling of breathing is extremely vivid, and my voice falters as each exhale comes to a close since I'm running out of breath. I have faith that my lung capacity is similar to his and press on. My voice is resonating with his and it makes the vibration of voice in my throat more noticeable. I continue with synced chants for what feels like twenty minutes and wake up.