My Doctor changed my pills so I might not dream so much, day after this dream.

Date: 2/23/2019

By petal

I’m changing jobs soon within the same company and the first bit of the dream is about that...sort of. Itd, we are having a meeting but I haven’t got it quite together. For some reason I can’t find my diary. I’m messing in my bag looking for it. Instead I bring out my old grandmothers bible. The one with two inscriptions from two different generations of granny’s and so worn that the front cover has come off. It looks like I’m taking rubbish out my bag. Then I bring out my passport, which is wrong too. I shove them back inside and the head boss is there saying “can we concentrate?”, except she isn’t quite my current boss she is a mixture of my current boss and my old boss from a job I haven’t bone for years. I’m not in the mood to “concentrate”, I know I’m leaving so it’s pretty pointless for me to be at the meeting in the first place. There is scandal talk about another department I’m not involved in, normal rubbish, “so and so is in for a big shock because so and so hasn’t been following correct procedure, and has made a big bogs up of the record book.” I’m think“Tell me something new, that I can actually do something about?” Then they start on a new uniform for the meds round. It’s a see through rain mac/surgical gown. My boss holds it up against her clothed body as if it’s a freshly purchased fashion accessory. I stare at it gob smacked. It’s the emperor’s new clothes, but I’m expected to say something “productive “. So I say, “yeah is good if it rains in the building, if there’s a Lactulose spill, or you don’t want to be cover up.” (Stupid bloody dream, but anyways). Then we go outside and I’m walking with my colleagues to have tea break. But their attitude is that it’s not my tea break any more and I’m thinking “yeah well I want to go home”. So then I try to get in my car to drive off, but I’m sitting somehow on the wrong side, nothing happens when I put my feet on the pedals and I try to turn the engine on with the windscreen wipers. There is someone in the road wanting to turn round and other cars are parked up too close. I give up and go back inside. I find my colleagues have left me a leaving present in a pretty gift bag and I’m touched. We go upstairs to one of the bedrooms and find a very poorly young self on the bed with some friends standing round. She is really poorly, too thin bullied and mentally beat for us to do anything about. I can’t help her now and any more than I could do then. So I just sit with her, put my hand on her shoulder and tell her I’ll just be there to make sure no one else hurts her. But then I see a joker coming towards the window with a ladder. I shout in my dream head “go away! We don’t need you” (but a lot ruder). Still he refuses and keeps coming forward wearing a horrible orange shirt and silly bushman’s hat, waistcoat and trousers. I’m think “want on earth dose he think he’s at?” He looks so silly. He puts the ladder against the window and starts to climb up. I don’t want him to get inside so I try to push the ladder away, even though I might hurt him. However, he’s one step ahead of me and has put a washing line pole along side the ladder so I only push the pole down. The joker grabs the window shill, gives me a fake disappointed look as he reaches and holds on tight. He’s too strong for me to shove him away now. He asked if he can come into the room. The damage was done a long time ago. He can’t make anything any worse so I just smile and nod my head. Irl, the morning after I went to my doctor. He was ready for me. He had changed my meds because I was worried about nervous system and neurological damage. I was scared to change them because I had bad side effects the last time I tried, different drugs. He said I might not dream so much. But that ain’t happening. I’m still dreaming a lot of nonsense. God knows why he was wearing Aussie gear in the dream and the joker character didn’t look all that much like my doctor either. It kind of makes sense though and there does seem a synchronicity, just not a paranormal one. I knew I was going to the doctors. I just wasn’t expecting to dream about him and it took me a while to connect the dream meaning with him.