Horrific monster

Date: 5/30/2019

By astralArbitrary

I was in this building which kept shape shifting from a hotel to a house to a condo with a few other people. In the house was a monster that tracked people by movement and sound because it was blind. It was pretty much just a shapeless black mass that looked kind of raggedy. It was fucking horrifying because i would just be standing there trying not to move whenever i saw it and hope it didn’t notice me. My brother was there. In the end it turned into a small velociraptor and got eyes, and i was hiding behind an overturned table at the time and kept peeking over each side to watch its movements. It noticed me doing it once, then twice, and i knew it was gonna start coming after me and then i essentially said “Nope, no way, not doing this shit” and pulled down a menu of sorts in my field of vision and “logged out” of the dream and woke up. It’s cause i’m a gamer obviously