Obama 😂😂

Date: 3/26/2017

By andy.-.xx

Basically this dream begins with me in a car with 3 other people (I'm a guy in this dream) so we're pulling into this like hotel lobby and it's gorgeous. Then we go into the car park. We're in the lobby and it's really gorgeous. (at this time I have no idea that I'm a guy or that I have a sister) The lobby has a hanging chandelier and in front of me is a table. It's really crowded and feels like a train station more than a hotel/a work building. the woman sitting at the desk gets up, she is caucasian and has long blond hair that is permed and is wearing a snake skin dress that is halter neck with heels. she gets up and after a few steps beckons for us to follow. Then Donald Trump walks in and takes her seat just as I was about 2 meters away. I walked on. I turn a corner and see 6 elevators. The lobby is brightly lit and has a nice orchid in the end. We enter with the woman and in the lift (which was super spacious) there is this tiny cupboard that is blended into the wall there are headphones for the elderly (???) and toy cars. She explains that these are for the guests and if you're the guest you can take one. I tried on the elderly headphones (which looked really cool btw). Soon we reach our floor and We follow her down the corridor to a room. We're still about 3 meters behind her when she knocks on the door. We're about 2 meters behind when the door opens. When I reach the door I see a small dimly lit room with a window but the curtains were drawn. on my right there was a semi elevated arm chair and a foot rest. In. a corner is this desk with a woman with a fuchsia sweater and blond hair but I did not see her face. In my mind I'm just like "That's Michelle Obama" I do my super awkward penguin walk and is like "hi uhm can I enter?" they ignore me. Michelle is just like "report" and the woman breaks down and starts crying and apologising. (I feel like a vlogger at this point with the POV and all) I walk up to her and pat her and I'm like "there there" and she's like "thank you big brother over and over again"