Water slide, prize

Date: 9/28/2019

By Tisharie

Rachelle, Jenn and I met Dana and her kids at an out door pool. We hugged and asked me about Neil. I said “No, he’s a... just no” (which is kinda funny because I never really told her details of Neil in real life. Just that we had been talking). They had this strange waterslide thing you could go down then they would look you over and pick critters off of you and count them. Shelly from work was one of the girls picking critters off me. Then they would score you. I think I won because they had me wait after to get a prize. I heard my prize was going to be a horribly done painting and some weed. While I was waiting for my prize I was walking and talking with the lady in charge. I found out that the place was a youth center where the kids had a place to hang out inside and outside. I wasn’t sure if she was kidding about my prize so I was excited to find out but my alarm went off before the other lady was back with my prize. I really wanted both the bad painting and the weed.