Infinite Gifts Awake

Date: 5/30/2019

By -Frelsun-

I stood at the doors of the most secure facility in the world, looking out into the beautiful sky. I knew I belong to here, but I needed to escape for a little bit. Crouching down, I sprung into the air, defying gravity as a soared 40 feet above the ground. I glanced down momentarily at the white building below me, called “The Institute of Physics,” where all the other superpowered humans would soon live. I shot away in the general direction of my house. When I arrived at the back door, I opened it silently, hearing the conversation of adults and a little girl. I looked to see the Maybach’s talking to my mom and dad. Evidently, I would have to babysit Molly. When the parents left, nothing very exciting happened until we accidentally disapparated to my previous location, the Institute. I was shocked, because this had never happened before, and this was a serious breach in security. Molly looked up at the building, uncertain of how she had gotten there. Where are we she?” she questioned quietly. “I’m not allowed to tell you” I responded hastily. I knew that it was illegal for me to do so, but I flew her out of there as quickly as possible, to the roof of a Mexican restaurant. After the initial shock that I could fly, Molly demanded to know where she had been. I wasn’t sure why, but I got an inkling that turning down her question would not be a good idea. Perhaps she had an ability to? I didn’t want to risk it, so I thought of something I could do. I lied to Molly, telling her my flying ability had to recharge itself before we could leave, and sat down trying to replicate the Institute perfectly in my mind. When I was done, I planted my thoughts 3 miles away in an open field. Telling Molly we could leave, I took her to the site of the building I had fabricated, which looked almost exactly like the original. But there was one minor problem, which became disastrous as Molly walked through the sliding glass doors to inspect the inside. The building had no inside. It was only a shell, with wooden boards in it. Molly turned to me, telling me that whatever I had done, I had better come clean and show her the inside of the real mysterious building. I sighed in frustration, but did it anyway for reasons I do not know. We arrived at the real Institute, and I snuck Molly in through the back door. I knew how to override all the security, and I did just that to smuggle the two of us into the heart of the complex. I could not say exactly what it was we saw, for that I don’t remember. I do recall Molly gasping in amazement at the experiments is taking place before her. Wouldn’t you be surprise if you saw thousands of Supernatural abilities in action at the same time? Suddenly, an alarm sound. I thought I had covered all the security, but I had forgotten the tiny tripwire located in the doorway. I stepped back, yelling to her that we needed to get out of there as soon as possible. We ran through the hallways, and miraculously we weren’t spotted. We exited the front door, which reminded me of the front of the airport. The same strange thing happened again, and we were teleported to the base of Camel‘s back hill. Thankful for our lucky escape, I sent her back home and climbed to the top of the hill. Then I ran down the side of it, skipping steps on the way. My vision suddenly flickered. I knew I didn’t have much time left. I tried to hold on, and my vision kept flickering as I made my way to the grass, at the bottom. There were lots of people at the park today, too many actually. Jeffrey Gill rode past me on his bike, doing a wheelie. I tried to take off, but I couldn’t. I can never do anything when there are people around. I jumped into the air one last time and everything turned black. I woke up.