Date: 1/31/2017

By PerceptionProtector

It's another hot summer day and I all I can think about is how to get away from Mitus 22. They keep us cooped up in run down building that serve as living quarters. We've hardly enough to eat from our wages and water is most scarce. I'd leave sooner if only there was an easier way. Those who try to leave and get captured, rumor has they get tortured. As I'm waiting for night to bring an end to such an intense heat, my old aquantance Rodge come hurriedly up to me and pulls me around the corner. He's talking to me in rapid hush tones about how one of his neighbors has disappeared (Just like anyone who openly speaks against our overseers) and that he's discovered a way to enter someone else's living quarters without setting off the alarm and that he just needs me to keep watch. I didn't know if I felt quite right about it but this guy wasn't coming back and god knows someone else could make good use of whatever scraps are to be found. Mostly I was curious to see what this method of getting past the security locks was. If I could figure that out then slipping away at night could be a possibility! I agreed. As soon as we arrive Rodge pulls out something about the size of a key except instead of a key, it has a bunch of short wires coming out of one end. He goes right for the lock and all the wires start to move and slide in differently. Oh no! I thought, anything but the original key will set off the alarm but, nothing happened. The alarm didn't go off but the door didn't open either. Rodge begins to curse and jiggles the wire key like crazy. To my surprise the door clicks open...silence, then the alarms Blair to life! I'm frozen when I realize what this means. I'll be another one who disappears, I'll never see the outside world. How could I've been so stupid?! No one has ever got past the security b4. Where's Rodge? Is he still inside, we need to go! Damnit! I've got to go. Sorry Rodge, you're on your own. Maybe you'll buy me some time if anything. If there was ever a time to leave, it was now, now I had no choice. I'm nearly around the corner of the building when I see two guards pointing at me. I take off towards the edge of our gated safe zone, dodging into ally ways with guards close on my heels. I think they hit me with a taser once but I had so much adrenaline in my system I hardly noticed. I'd almost reached the cell tower where If I climbed high enough, I could jump to the other side of the fence and the nearest gate was at least 15 minutes from there. I might break a leg but that's better than letting the authorities get ahold of me. One more corner and the cell tower is right there....oh no! Road block, how'd they know? No time for that. Think, think...the bull pens! They're right next to the fence just one more block. Now that I've been spotted by the road block as well, I've got damn near the whole city force chasing me and I can here a cruiser just a couple blocks away. If a cruiser shows up I'm done for. They'll just use a stasis net and that'll be the last anyone sees of me. A few more paces and i can squeeze into the pens, I made it! Should buy me a little time. Nobody will want to come in here with the bulls. I found it's just the alpha you have to watch out for. The rest only follow his command. I'm wasting no time. I don't want the other bulls involved. I just want one big bull out for blood. I run right up to the big alpha, pull out my pocket knife and jab him right in the side! Time to go. He'll jump around for a second until he sees the culprit, me. Oh god let this work. I position myself in front of the outer fence and stare face to face as death comes at me in a stampeding, raging bull. Wait for the last moment and JUMP! Big bull head straight into the fence and takes a nasty shock from it. Scared him back into submission but not without success. He made a hole just big enough to crawl through. I am away, into the wild forest. A new test awaits me. A new kind of survival.