Central Park Rescue

Date: 2/23/2017

By DeadDollKitty

It started out in the fish room, the whole building was dark and I had gone back early in the morning because I had only fed 1 3/4 rows of fish. A few girls from work (the twins) met me outside the room to discuss how to take care of the fish. I swear I had this dream before, or maybe it was a book I read. The hub of the world was "Central Park" which actually was a football field sized piece of land surrounded by very tall, brown weeds. Every few feet in two rows were huge golden arches, and under them were things that would gain you knowledge. (Like a free bazaar, chicken under one, hot dogs under another, but you got certificates for them. Didn't make too much sense). There was a being that I told I know I've been here before. Don't go into the grasses, there are dead things there. I ended up in a town with Jimmi Simpson dressed in Westworld gear, he was trying to save me or I him, but he was turning into those zombie creatures. The dream flickers back and forth from the field of arches to the town. I run my fingers through his hair while he's going through a sick spell, and quickly pull away. I said "I probably shouldn't have done that." He said "No, but you can again if you'd like to." Were on a huge RV flying through empty towns and hills, there's a few other people with us. He's trying to give us directions but every time we pass a cemetary, the death calls and he loses the ability to speak and starts losing his mind again. I yell at the driver to go faster, then I wake up.