The Super House

Date: 7/4/2017

By Erza

I walk on a house and see three girls about to kill a woman they see me and I run some hours. later I come back and the woman is dead I hear a voice in my head telling me to tale off the woman's wig and that I have to be what she was. some days later I discovered that I had powers like a superhero and I met a girl who later became one of my partners. we had to fight the three girls that killed the woman and a new hero showed up it was a boy and he was about 12. sometime after that we went to a mall where my teammates turned evil because of the three girls. I discovered some new knowledge about the woman and got that I have more powers I need to unlock. I fought and cure the evil that possessed my teammates. we accidentally walked into the three girls house but they didn't recognize us but one the leader said that I was Jasmine Jane's granddaughter. then we left then a car pulled up and a old man exited the driver seat and told more about my new powers.