My teachers were ghouls

Date: 6/13/2017

By Dreamofy

I am a fan of anime and manga, and I haven’t watched any new ones recently. I guess it’s mostly because of the games I’ve played in recent weeks and because of my job (I really need a new one). I have been thinking of going back to school and studying again but I’d rather not go back to a university (here in South Africa, I sort of fear for my safety: there have been a number of violent protests there because of the high fees) Anyway, I dreamed I went back to school with my sister and we applied for a couple of classes. It was weird because we lived close enough that we could actually walk to class. As we were getting to class, I could help but notice that some of the teachers looked a lot like the characters from Tokyo Ghoul (I watched this series a few months ago but I also want to read the manga series too). On the bright side, they were trying to blend into the crowds and not cause a scene