This dream was pretty awesome, not gonna lie.

Date: 2/21/2017

By ackermoon

In the beginning of the dream, I was learning how to ride a horse. I was doing pretty well but I guess somewhere down the line I decided I'd like something more.... Hardcore. So I got a freaking wolf. And he was awesome. I think I named him Ben. He was my baby. I love him so much. He was big and could be aggressive when he needed to, which I'll get to in a second, but he loved to cuddle. At some point, there was someone trying to kill me and my family for some reason. Ben was out hunting or something, so they were able to break in. I tried to warn my nana and my uncle but I was hyperventilating so much the words didn't get out in time. I slammed the office door behind me and tried to hold it shut, hiding us three. I wanted them to help me hold it but when my nana heard the front door bust open, she literally passed out. My uncle kind of collapsed as well but I was able to pull him up, but not in time. The hun broke in and I tried to kick the butt of his gun so it would fall out of his hand, but I was for some reason feeling faint and weak. Just as he aimed it at my grandma, Ben broke in and tore this ruffian's head off. I was such a proud mother at that moment. Basically, I now want a wolf and I can't wait to see my baby again- this time lucid. I think Benny deserves a treat for that heroic act he pulled last night's dream.