Cheating on me

Date: 9/23/2019

By JWoDreams33

My wife was cheating on me… I found out somehow and busted her by going through her emails and finding things. We were riding together somewhere when she said something that tipped me off, so I immediately told her I want to check her emails as soon as I get home. I found that she’s been talking with two other guys, and even met one of the guys in person well she took a trip to California and visited I think it was yahoos headquarters. I sat there reading the emails and even found some handwritten notes she had saved it… I was devastated, but could not let on that I knew something good happened because we had friends at our house. And then as I was reading one of the notes, we were no longer at the house and we’re at some public place… And one of the guys she had been talking to was there. She said here I’ll introduce you to him… I walked up to him and said get the fuck out of here now. He turned and walked away, but a few seconds later he was back because she had said something to him as he was walking out. He was like really tall, like 69 to 7 foot tall and I was going to hit him with the coffee cup that I had in my hand when he said if you hit me then you go to jail. I was so angry and about to hit him when I woke up. I feel like some of the story is based off of real life situations and events that happened between us… But I don’t know why I’ve had this dream